The Reason Is You

There are times at work when the tones sound off and it is not a pleasant sound. I was reminded of this on my first shift back of 2016. Having just landed from our first flight of the day the 1815 tones second flight so close to the end of 1900 shift made our heads drop.  These two flights were successfully completed. Leaving the base at 2100 I had a feeling of pride knowing that we had saved … [Read More...]

Even Santa Uses A Checklist

Santa is no dummy. He knows that human error often occurs and it’s easy to forget stuff, especially lots of stuff like delivering toys around the world in one night to all good boys and girls. To help him avoid or minimize mistakes, Santa uses a checklist. We all recall the Christmas song Santa Claus is Coming to Town: He's making a list He's checking it twice He's gonna find … [Read More...]

They Will Get There One Way or Another

'People have been getting to the hospital a lot longer than helicopters have been taking them there.'  These words ring in my head every time that the tones go off and I check the weather. Chuck Stout, a Marine that I had served with in Afghanistan, told me these words when I was first hired as a Helicopter Air Ambulance pilot. In the wake of the last two weeks and the loss of two HAA crews … [Read More...]